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An informal Newsletter issued biannually by Collaborative Computational Project No. 7 on the Analysis of Astronomical Spectra.

Number 22: Supplement, October 1995

CCP7 Newsletter No. 22
Supplement Supplement (compressed file)



Gas-phase reactivity of PAH cations and transition metal cations with atomic species
N.Leymarie, H.Mestdagh, C.Rolando, M.Sablier
Organometallic species of astrophysical interest: reactivity of iron towards PAH studied at low temperature by FTIR and UV-visible matrix isolation spectroscopies
F.Elustondo, M.Dalibart, J.Mascetti, J.Deroualt
Extension of the range of microwave spectroscopy up to 1.5 THz
M.Yu.Tretyakov, A.F.Krupnov, S.A.Volokhov
The infrared spectrum of solid molecular hydrogen and its potential astrophysical implications
B.Grenier, F.Boulanger, L.d'Hendecourt, M.Jourdain de Muizon
Millimeter and submillimeter-wave spectroscopy of stable molecules of astrophysical interest
R.Bocquet, J.M.Colmont, J.Cosleou, J.Demaison, G.Wlodarczak
Extreme UV absorption spectroscopy of the Rydberg states of CO isotopomers in pulsed supersonic free jet expansions
K.P.Huber, M.Eidelsberg, F.Launay, F.Rostas
Optical properties of amorphous aluminium oxide grains
B.Begemann, J.Dorschner, Th.Henning, H.Mutschke
Radiative Properties of the TiO Molecule
I.M.Hedgecock, Ch.Naulin, M.Costes
REMPI studies of the predissociated high Rydberg states of acetylene
J.H.Fillion, A.Campos, N.Shafizadeh, D.Gauyacq
Gas phase formation, dissociation and reactivity of organometallic complexes in an ion trap
P.Marty, A.Klotz, P.de Parseval, B.Chaudret, G.Serra, P.Boissel
The 21 micron emission line in protoplanetary nebulae: evidence for organometallic compounds?
C.Joblin, L.d'Hendecourt
Experimental studies of reactions of neutral and ionized PAHs
S.Laube, D.Pasquerault, A.Canosa, C.Rebrion, A.Le Padellec, J.C.Gomet, D.Parent
Photofragmentation of isolated PAH cations: direct determination of the oscillator strengths
P.de Parseval, P.Marty, P.Boissel
A search for Diffuse Interstellar Bands in the spectra of matrix isolated large PAH cations
D.Rolland, E.Dartois, L.d'Hendecourt


Molecular dynamics simulation of H$_2$ formation at a graphite surface
P.Parneix, Ph.Br\'echignac
Relative stabilities of carbon oxides C$_n$O and C$_n$O$_2$ in Huckel theory
Further predictions from a close coupling model of Rydberg-valence interactions in the CO molecule
L.Tchang-Brillet, P.S.Julienne
Ab initio study of the three lowest triplet potential energy surfaces for the reaction N(^4S_u) + CH(X^2 PI_r) -> CN(X^2 SIGMA^+,A^2 PI_i) + H(^2S_g)
M.T.Rayez, Ph.Halvick, J.C.Rayez, R.Th\"urw\"achter
Potential energy functions and nuclear dynamics in C_2H_2^+
G.Chambaud, P.Rosmus, R.Van der Boom, S.Carter, N.C.Handy
Sulphur carbide clusters in circumstellar environment
G.Pascoli, K.Gadre
Theoretical study of small cationic silicon carbide clusters
G.Pascoli, D.Boureau, H.Lavendy, J.M.Robbe, J.P.Flament
Optoelectronic properties of a graphitic carbon cluster containing impurities
G.Pascoli, J.Leclercq
Electronic Structure of Si_2C Excited States
A.Spielfiedel, N.Feautrier, G.Chambaud, P.Rosmus
Ionization efficiencies of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
H.W.Jochims, H.Baumg\"artel, S.Leach


Early Universe Chemistry: A theoretical study of the LiH and BeH formation through radiative association
D.Talbi, M.C.Bacchus-Montabonel
Formation and evolution of interstellar dust in the Galactic disk and the Magellanic Clouds
B.van den Hoek, T.de Jong
Dust formation around evolved stars
B.van den Hoek
The role of chemical data in interstellar models
J.Le Bourlot, G.Pineau des For\^ets, E.Roueff, D.R.Flower
Primordial molecules and cosmic background radiation
Signore, de Bernardis, Encrenaz, Maoli, Masi, Melchiorri B., Melchiorri F., D.Puy
Coal model for the IR emission spectra of proto-planetary nebulae
O.Guillois, I.Nenner, R.Papoular, C.Reynaud
Chemical evolutionary tracks of small Bok globules
C.Cecchi Pestellini, F.Scappini
MAPDISK : a tool to simulate the millimetric emission of protostellar disks and envelopes
D.Despois, S. Blinder


Interstellar polarization and properties of dust grains
Cyanopolyyne molecules in circumstellar envelopes
Truong-Bach, Nguyen-Q-Rieu, D.Graham, A.Wootten
The excitation of H_2 in HH 1 and in HH 11
The ionization fraction in dense clouds
C.de Boisanger, F.Helmich, E.van Dieshoeck
CN as atomic carbon indicator
B.T.Murphy, A.G.Gibb, L.T.Little
The small scale structure of the dust inside molecular clouds
S.Thoraval, P.Boiss\'e, G.Duvert
Dense clumps in the L1630 molecular cloud: structure, properties and kinematics
A.G.Gibb, L.T.Little, B.D.Heaton, K.K.Lehtinen
Isotopomeric carbon monoxide and multi-wavelength dust continuum observations of L379 IRS1
M.L.Kelly, G.H.Macdonald
Rotational excitation of O_2 in interstellar clouds: Preparation of PRONAOS-SMH experience
P.Marechal, Y.P.Viala, L.Pagani, P.Encrenaz
A proposed test with ISO of the presence of C_60^+ in the interstellar medium
C.Moutou, A.L\'eger, L.d'Hendecourt, J.Maier
A search for solid CO_2 absorption feature in IRAS-LRS spectra of protostars embedded in molecular clouds
L.d'Hendecourt, M.Jourdain de Muizon
Molecular lines towards the Horsehead Nebula
M.Kopp, E.Roueff, M.G\'erin, J.Le Bourlot, G.Pineau des For\^ets
What are the relationships between the gas content and composition of spiral galaxies and their star formation activity ; formation of the CII(158\,micron) line
S.Sauty, F.Casoli et al.
The structure of NGC 1333 from ^{13}CO and C^{18}O observations
A.Castets, S.Warin, W.D.Langer
H_2O masers in M82 : another tracer of star formation} {A.Baudry, N. Brouillet
Photodissociation and rotational excitation of interstellar CO
S.Warin, J.J.Benayoun, Y.P.Viala
Structure and clumpiness of circumstellar shells from optical long-slit spectroscopy in the KI resonance line
New features of Extended Red Emission in Reflection Nebulae
D.Rouan, P.Lecoupanec, A.L\'eger

CCP7 Newsletter No. 22