Cooling by H2.

Le Bourlot, Pineau des ForÍts and Flower (1999, MNRAS, 305, 802) have computed the rate of cooling of astrophysical media through the collisional excitation of H2 by H, He and H2. Available at this website are the rate coefficients (cm3 s-1) that were at the basis of these calculations, together with the parameters of the fits of the rate coefficients to analytic functions of the kinetic temperature. Also given are the cooling rates per H2 molecule (erg s-1), and a Fortran program which interpolates to any desired set of values of the gas density and temperature, ortho- to para-H2 ratio, and H to H2 density ratio. A brief description of these data sets is given below. For more complete information, please consult the full paper (Le Bourlot et al. 1999 ) Queries or comments may be addressed to the authors: