Rate coefficients

There are eight data files corresponding to the two types of target molecule (ortho - and para-H2) and the four perturbers (H, He, para-H2 and ortho-H2).  In the case of excitation by H, quantal results for non-reactive scattering, obtained using the BKMP2 potential (Boothroyd et al, 1996, J.Chem.Phys, 104, 7139) are given. A prescription for including the contributions of reactive scattering is described by Le Bourlot et al. (1998).

For each value of the kinetic temperature, T (K), the rate coefficients are given in the form of a square matrix. The values of the rovibrational quantum numbers, (v,J), of the initial states of H2 label the columns; the corresponding labelling of the rows, indicating the final states, is implicit. Thus, the upper right triangle of each matrix is for de-excitation, the lower left triangle is for excitation. These files are called: