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External Resources

UMIST Database for Astrochemistry

Y.H. Le Teuff, T.J. Millar and A.J. Markwick, 2000, A&AS, 146, 157

Astrophysical Software

Martin Stift's collection of radiative transfer codes written in Ada83

Synthetic Spectra

B star spectra
Synthetic Spectra of B Main-Sequence Stars from 3000 - 10000 Angstrom

Atomic and Molecular Data

Chemical data for the atomic elements
Atomic Physics on the Internet
The Opacity Project
TOPbase, The Opacity Project Data Base on-line at Centre Donnee Stellaire, Strasbourg.
The Iron Project
The Water project
TAMPA, Theoretical Atomic and Molecular Physics and Astrophysics Group, University College London
Observed and theoretical linelists for water
Programs for calculating rotational-vibrational spectra of triatomic molecules
JPL Molecular Spectroscopy
Catalogue of rotational line positions and intensities, fitting programs
The Vienna Atomic Line Database (CCP7 copy of documentation)
NIST Physical Reference Data
Searchable databases for atomic and molecular physics.
NIST Standard Reference Data Products
The NIST SRD Catalog, including atomic and molecular physics databases.
Atomic Data for Astrophysics
Dima Verner's links to basic atomic data, used in Cloudy.
Atomic Data and Analysis Structure : an interconnected set of programs and data for modelling the radiating properties of ions and atoms in plasmas.Documentation only available

Starlink Software Plans