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Scientific Meetings

The project organises a small number of short scientific meetings each year.

A conference, "H2 in Space", partly-funded by the project, is being held from 28th September 1999 to 1st October 1999. Topics include:

  • Physics of H2 and HD (spectroscopy, excitation, cooling)
  • Condensed states (ice, dimers)
  • Formation of H2 in laboratory experiments
  • Formation/destruction of H2 in space
  • Observations in the Infra-red and UV
  • Shock waves, photo-dissociation regions
  • Extragalactic H2 and the Hubble sequence
  • Primordial H2 and the first structures

Further information can be obtained from their Web site.

The most recent past meetings were:

Spectral Analysis CCP7 parallel session to the National Astronomy Meeting. St. Andrews, 30 March - 3 April, 1998.  The session was shared by Dr. C.S. Jeffery

Chemistry and Physics of Molecules and Grains in Space. Royal Society of Chemistry: Faraday Discussion no. 109 University of Nottingham, 15-17 April 1998 Co-sponsored by CCP7. Chairman: Professor P.J. Sarre (psa@star.le.ac.uk)